Powerful email marketing with drag-and-drop simplicity

Using segmentation, you can select the parts of your list for the target distribution. For example, to select from the list only women or only recipients residing in Toronto. And even combinations of these criteria are possible.
There are two ways to segment your subscriber base in UniSender:
  • From the Contacts menu, use the Segmentation form.
  • When creating a letter.

Block editor
Create a letter in the adaptive block editor. Each letter consists of elements. There are two ways to create a letter in the editor:
  • Ready templates
  • Blank sheet

Full report
  • Every campaign has a delivery report, which contains a detailed information about delivery status.
  • Email delivery report presents information in tables and charts.
  • Each table or chart position is a link. Click it and get a full list of contacts with a particular status. You can do different actions with these contacts.
Examples of html template for email
Promotion letters

Use templates for all occurrences - from welcome letters to birthday greetings

Letters for travel companies

You can use adaptive templates for travel companies to send campaign in only 5 minutes
Letters for online magazines

Use templates that are already adapted to the laptop and mobile
Campaign personalization
  • Send a personal letter.
  • Substitute any customer data.
    For example, the customer's name, city, address, account number etc.
  • Different people respond to different offers.
  • Segmentation your campaigns by customer data.
    For example, you can send different letters to men and women if you know this information.
Trigger-based emails
  • Send emails at the right time.
  • Set the trigger-based emails (after subscription, event or as a result of the campaign).
Advanced reports
Your clients' behaviour

You know when your subscribers opened and clicked in your letter and can predict perfect time for future campaigns

Click map

Learn your subscribers' behaviour and see what attracts them. Click map helps you to create new effective letter
More than 30 rates and marks in report

There are more than 30 rates in your report. All you need for great email marketing
Compare the sales rates
Connect to your Google Analytics to track the click-through rate from the specific emails to your website

97% delivery rate guarantee

UniSender in simple numbers

5 million/hour
sending speed
>500 million
emails per month
Get to know your clients

An email is only behind a personal call in the view of efficiency. But what kind of call-centre would you need to contact ten thousand people? And what about one hundred thousand?

But by means of email campaigns even having a data list containing a few thousand contacts you can communicate personally with each and every client.
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Quality testing and reports
Reliable and secure platform
Highly secure platform

  • Hardware RAID 10 and automatic backup
  • Secure data transmission protocol
  • Data backup copies in 3 data centres (ISO9001, ISO/IEC 27001)
  • HTTPS:// and 256-bit cryptography
Privacy of the customer's database
  • Possibility to make a campaign via API without uploading the clients data list to UniSender
  • User access rights differentiation during creation of the campaign
Service productivity

  • 99% delivery rate
  • High antispam rating of the UniSender servers
  • Sending of 2 million emails per hour
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